Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So after starting this venture into "coming out" to the online community complete with videos, pictures, and dates.. the most asked question I've gotten is simple: "So.. how does your open relationship work, how open are you?"

Apparently, most open couples, or at least the ones I've talked to and heard about, establish rules and boundaries?  I'm not trying to imply that these don't exist for me and Mike, but.. in a way they don't.  I figured that the entire purpose of opening the relationship was trust and to experience things outside of our relationship to enhance said relationship.

Let me give you some examples:
Some women have a rule that their men are only allowed to sleep with other women that are not as hot as they are.
I really don't see the point in this.  There is no way I would ever delude myself into thinking that I'm the hottest thing on the planet.  If my man only slept with ugly women then really, what would the point be other than the simple "something different"?  I want him to sleep with women that are more attractive than myself.  More to the point: I want him to experience life completely and do/fuck whatever makes him happy.  If attraction level meant everything then he'd leave me for a hottie anyway.  Besides, I don't care how hot they are, I give the best blowjobs on the planet.

Sometimes there is a rule like, "no dating, just sex".
That just feels skeezy.  Also the best way to get an STD.  I don't want to just fuck the guys I see, I want to be able to hang out with them, have a few laughs, and get to know them.  As far as Mike goes, well I honestly wouldn't want him to fuck any women that don't need a little romancing to get into their pants.  Then I know he'd be getting some sort of disease.  I want him to be friends with his women.  Or at least for them to know each other more than nakedly.

Do my feelings and reasons mean that I never feel jealousy?  No.  I'm a woman.  Women are irrational, emotional, bitchy, illogical, etc.  Sometimes I feel jealous, but I talk to Mike about it, he explains himself or his feelings, and then everything is fine.  In the end, it's not what he does with other people, it's the implied feelings behind his actions that sometimes makes me jealous.  Men are different than women though, they were brought up being told to romance their way into sex, women were brought up knowing all they have to do is spread their legs.

You know that great feeling when you first start dating someone?  The little gestures mean so much, you get/give flowers to make the other person feel special.  People aren't blunt when dating and trying to get laid.  Both sexes imply things that aren't true, or things that they only think are true.  Flowers do not equal love, and actually nothing a guy does action-wise means love unless he flat out says, "I love you."  Dating is like playing house as children, acting to inspire shallow feelings.  I know that Mike would never tell another women he loves her before talking to me about it.  He would buy them flowers.. but you know what?  He loves me and buys me flowers more than he ever did before we were open.  Not because he feels guilty, simply because doing little things for other people reminds him that I like it too and he loves me.

I have/am learning to not overthink actions and what happens with other people as we enter this new territory.  I know that even if he does something romantic for another person it doesn't mean anything more than that he wants them to feel good, which I don't have a problem with.  I don't feel the need to read his messages or oversee his relationships, I trust him to tell me about anything that he considers important.  Also.. I've come to learn that men have some irrational attachments to "romantic" actions as well, which I think is hilarious.

Here are things he thinks are romantic that I do not.. seeing as it comes so naturally to me:
Pet names like sweetie, hun, baby
Taking naps with other people
Giving massages
Kissing without tongue
Kissing on the forehead
Hugs from behind while they're sitting somewhere

I didn't think twice about some of these until he brought up how he felt about it.  Even though he knows I don't have any feelings for any other man deeper than friendship and companionship it would still bother him.  So I don't do them.  Some of them anyway, because he has come to realize how little some of them mean after feeling the desire to do a couple himself with other woman.  Talking mostly about the pet name thing.

Like any other relationship, communication is key.

We don't really have any rules.  We both know what would bother each of us, but at the same time we also acknowledge that no one can control or monitor this kind of stuff without going crazy.  Just trust each other and love each other.  That way if something happens that the other person may not like it doesn't seem as big of a deal, and is in no way a deal-breaker.  Which makes being honest a helluva lot easier.  It seems silly to have rules and boundaries when the goal is to "open" a relationship.

I may do more posts later to go into more detail, maybe describe some fights we've had or issues, but it's really difficult to put into words what we feel for each other.

Bonus:  motivation to keep yourself fit and looking good, both of us take good care of ourselves knowing we have to impress others outside the relationship.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sex Injury: Chomped Tits

Mike complained recently that I didn't get on top during sex often enough.. I realized he was correct.  In my defense though, we both prefer doggie style and blowjobs.

So the other night I decided my breasts looked amazing and I wanted to shove them in his face so I climbed on up.

He loved it, obviously.  He smacked em, bit em, and sucked em while I rode him to about 6 orgasms.  Then of course I jumped off and sucked my juices off his cock and his cum down my throat.

Normally I wouldn't post such an ordinary sexual experience.. except that the bruising and hickey-like marking I noticed when I woke up is pretty spectacular.  The fact that I'm so fair-skinned doesn't help.

Either way it's amazing and makes me laugh.  It also doesn't really hurt, not too many nerve endings in that part of my breast.

To Shave or Not To Shave? What I prefer when going down.

First, let me just say that this entire post was inspired by a Dude Society poll - Chick Poll:Manscaping.  Now as shown in this poll apparently most women voted to leave some hair but trim it down.  They didn't really specify location or length though did they?  I mean, all hair growth is different and a style that works on one guy definitely doesn't work on all.

Now let me just state that my overall preference on any man is probably bare shaven.  Of course, ingrown hairs are unattractive so this assumes the guy in question has been doing it long enough to become accustomed to it.  I figured men might want to know, specifically, the problems with hair down there from a girl who goes down a lot.

Small cock? Shave it all.. it will look bigger.

Now here are some general rules I tell my guys about:
1)  Hair Smells.
That's right, hair retains smell and dirt like nothing else.  Even one day of sweat can stink up a body area if you have lots of hair there.  If you want someone sticking their face down there you'll have a lot less to worry about if you're shaven (that goes for women too).  I have a stupid sensitive nose and yeah, it can bother me.  And guys, please make sure to take a shower after shaving, loose, recently cut, hair that gets in my mouth will turn me off.
2)  Hair is in no way Fair.
Unfortunately, the hair type that is the easiest to keep unshaven is also one of the only hair/body types to look most natural once shaven.  Sparse, light-colored, or just thin hair doesn't really retain smell or bother the senses as much as the thicker brillo bushes.  So guys with pubicLite can go without maintenance.  It also looks weird for a yeti to have that one bald spot in the middle of his forest.  Not really any help for it.
3)  The Pole is Important.
Seriously, shave your cock.  That is the one area that, I don't care if you like hairy guys, if you like sucking cock you don't want to feel those stray hairs in your mouth while gliding up and down the shaft.  Always try to keep this area bare.  Some guys have naturally hairless cocks, so you guys shut up and just trust me when I tell you that not all men do.
4)  If not Bare than Buzz.
Don't want to shave your cock and bikini area bare? Have a fear of razors? That's FINE.  At least take a beard trimmer and shave it down short though.  It will cut down on aroma.  Not too short, stubble doesn't really feel that great when riding, humping, sucking, etc.  I'd say about 1/4 of an inch though.  Of course this length will change, and all men should experiment.  Basically your goal is to shorten as much as you can before the hair starts feeling really rough on the skin.  You can always combine, shave your balls and cock then buzz the rest, it will give it a more natural flow into your upper leg hair if you have any.
5)  Feel free to go front to back.
I just have to include this.  If you like having your ass played with AT ALL, please, please shave it.  No, I don't mean the cheeks, I mean get down there in your ass crack and get rid of those hairs.  Shave your hole.  Do your taint too while you're at it.  As I've stated many times, hair retains smell BADLY.  And sir, that area's stink wont come off without a good bleaching.
6)  If you want your balls sucked, shave them.
No explanation needed, right?

Easy and simple rules that some guys may not be aware of.  Also, if you need shaving tricks the Dude Society also has one on Manscaping Downtown!

Thank you, have a great Friday!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


So this last week I started my first rounds with the completely free dating site, OkCupid.  So let me walk you through the process of using this website.

First, create a profile, they have an essay page where they give you some questions and you answer them.  Pretty normal stuff.  General bio, interests, six things you could never live without, etc.  The fun part about OkC is that you can answer all these questions in a multiple choice rating way, and also what you would want your match to answer, and based on the answers you "match up" with other people.  Me and Mike are a 99% love match as it turns out!

They also have tests you can take like, "how big of a slut are you?", and the all important "Details" section where you specify height, body type, religion, etc.  Fun stuff.

Of course I'm not the only person in an open relationship on this site, as it turns out there are many couples on OkC.  I certainly put that I was in an open relationship in my general bio.. and I noticed that my bio isn't as long as most people's.  Maybe because I'm not looking for a love match?  Really the only reason I decided to use the site was to find people I can hang out with and fuck.  True friends with benefits.

I did, however, make a few mistakes when creating my dating profile.

Mistake #1:  I said I was looking for casual sex, which I'm not, so I clearly didn't think that through.
Mistake #2:  In the section, "Things you do well", I had one thing listed.  Oral sex.
Mistake #3:  I didn't specify clearly enough who should message me in the "Message me if" section, all I said was that you had to be ok with open relationships at first.

Add all these things together and you get a plethora of responses from the most skeezy online daters.  Several messages from men from other countries just looking for cybersex, and many asking me to get on a webcam for them.
One person messaged me with only one line of, "you ever fuck a black man?"
How do these men expect me to answer? Obviously they are all fucktards and didn't actually read my profile.. or are too stupid to realize I wouldn't be interested in that.

After fixing these little mistakes, for example I now have in my "Message me if" section "Please be semi-intelligent as I find that fucking too far beneath my own IQ is too much like bestiality and I'm not into farm animals."  My edited profile cut down on the sex-crazed spam quite a bit but I still get at least a couple guys a day looking for a quick fix.

Among the idiotic tools there are a few gems to be found though.  Several men I've talked to seem to know exactly what I'm looking for or at least know how to sound like they do.  I'm being pretty open minded, but after chatting with a few men.. I've already ruled a few out due to simple neediness.  I have 10 unread text messages on my phone right now because I really don't feel like reading any of them.

The ones that are going to get replies are the ones who sent one, maybe two, messages and stopped.

Mr. Divorced has sent me 10 since our date on Tuesday.  Oh yes, I had a date, my first from OkC.  I decided to low-ball myself and have a guaranteed good time by picking the not as attractive, but still fit, divorced older man to take me out.  It worked.  We had a great time, had some beer, grabbed some pizza.  He's in the same industry as me so we had plenty to talk about.  The only thing that put a glitch in the night was him "not wanting to fuck but simply smell my sex".  For Fucks Sake.  I figured it was the booze and let it go, kissed him, and left.  When I got home he had already texted me twice. Three more as I was sleeping and having sex with Mike.  If he can abstain from texting me today I may let him take me out again.  If not I will politely reply saying I had a great time but I feel that he's being too needy.

As it stands.. I'm having a hard time talking to all these different guys, keeping them entertained and interested in me.  Let alone trying to reply to messages actually on OkC.  My new plan is to NOT care about hurting feelings and ignore any message I want.  Something I had not yet done.. as I like giving anyone a chance that deserves it.

Calm down Jessica, you don't have reply to the texts if you don't want to.. breathe.. FML.
Going out for drinks tonight on date #2.
Great thing about being in an open relationship? I don't give a fuck if men don't like me.. I couldn't care less.  Either way I'm coming home to a husband that loves me and only me.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Blowjob That Hurt

While still exploring our new sexual sides, me and Mike have taken a bit of a break compared to the fast pace we originally set in regards to bringing people into our sex life.  He recently started his own blog, and we both realized that while new people are fun, neither of us are the type that enjoys random stranger sex.  I like being able to have conversations with with I fuck.  I still suck and fuck Tristan and Dave pretty regularly, but I'm waiting on looking for anything else until we find a nice piece of pussy for Mike to enjoy.

So we're branching out onto the dating websites like OkCupid looking for compatible sex partners since it's free and we both like the idea of friends with benefits.

I will start posting our success and failures as soon as I deem them worthy, and until then I thought it would be fun to share a couple really epic sex injury stories - but only one today.

Longest Blowjob of My Life:  (originally told to Maxwell)

Ok, so about 4 years ago I had a blowjob buddy that lived about 40 minutes away from myself.  I'll call him Mr. Valium(explanation incoming).  The way we worked is every few days, or at least once a week, I would drive all the way to his house with an 18-pack in hand.  We would chat, hang out, maybe play a little guitar hero until eventually I got on my knees and gave him a great blowjob.  He would smile, I would thank him, and then I'd leave.

One night when I got there, however, he had just seen a doctor for back pain and was heavily medicated on Valium.  It didn't seem like a big deal at the time and neither one of us thought it was a big deal for him to be drinking while so medicated.

...It wasn't until about thirty minutes into the blowjob, a little while later, that it occurred to me that beer and Valium might not be the best mix for someone wanting to get their cock sucked...

Of course this thought just made me more determined to give him an amazing blowjob and get him off, he was enjoying it, and I figured it would just feel that much better for him when he finally did cum.  So I kept blowing  away.

Keep in mind that I was pretty smashed at the time and wasn't very aware of pain or discomfort, I couldn't even feel my knees.  After an hour of working his cock over I did notice that my knees were really red and starting to bleed.  So I wisely decided I needed some cushioning and took a five minute breather to get myself comfortable again and down a couple more beers before going back down to keep blowing and sucking my way into the drunken blowjob hall of fame.

Luckily, about the time I was starting to sober up.. pain was intruding ever so slightly upon my awareness.. when I finally have the bright idea to make him do some work and fuck my face to get himself off.  At this point the blowjob had lasted for two whole fucking hours, and it only took him two more minutes to cum once he started fucking my pretty little mouth.

After dragging myself home I decided never to suck cock for that long, when I'm that drunk, ever again.  The insides of my lips were bleeding since I had rubbed them raw on my teeth.  I couldn't shut my mouth for hours afterwards because of the intense lockjaw.  My face hurt for a week.  I had intense hand cramps for a few days and my knees looked like pulverized slabs of meat.

Considering the fact that not only was I the only one to ever drive to his place or pay for beer.. Mr. Valium never offered to pay or do anything.. I would say this is a pretty embarrassing story about what a stupid brand-new 21 year old I was.  Now I at least make them buy me one beer.  Unless they're too hot to pass up.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dear Mom & Dad,

     I know this blog might surprise you, maybe.  It probably shouldn't though.  You both brought me up extremely open-minded.  I can't even count all the times I've walked in on you two having sex over the years.  You are the ones who introduced me to the concept of public sex and doggie style.  If you think I'm going to be ashamed about my sexual exploits and activities I think you'll be sadly disappointed.  The only reason I'd ever be sorry for any of this is if somehow my grandparents (more specifically, your parents, dad) discovered this blog and died of a heart attack from it.  You should be proud of me, I think.
     Don't worry guys, I'm being safe and I have yet to get any STDs.  I'm not saying I'm going to get an STD in the future, but let's face it, even monogamous couples have a fairly high chance of contracting something at some point.  If I do get something I'm sure I'll blog about it, though.
     Do I care if my face gets plastered all over the internet sucking cock? Not really, I'm proud of my abilities and found out a while ago that Mike uploaded just such a video to a site that can't ever take it down without letting me know.  I forgave him because it turned me on.  I am remaining anonymous to the public due to stalker potential, but I don't care if anyone I personally know stumbles upon it.  If an employer finds out, well, you know my career path and you know that in my line of work and the companies I aim at working for it might just help more than hurt.  If such videos would hurt my career I would want to switch career fields anyway.  If I have kids someday that find these things out about me, well chances are we would have had the talk already and they'd know a good portion of all this beforehand.  I would hope I could raise my children to be open-minded as you did for me.
     I know this all may be somewhat shocking, but I'm confident that once you both sit down and logically think this through you'll realize that yes, I am an adult, and I am taking full responsibility for my actions and have thoroughly thought this through.  Since I'm pretty sure at some point there was a bit of infidelity on mom's side of the fence a great while ago maybe you'll be jealous that I'm so open in my relationship.
     A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.. a woman's gotta do what turns her on.

Love you both, and remember, you'll still probably get grand children, I'm not a complete lesbian.  Only about 25%.


A baby erotic massage? Check the source that shit is hilarious!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Too Horny

I wrote this in an embarrassing place.  It needs a lot of editing, spell check, and everything else, but I'm too horny and rushed to deal with that now. -Pure Fiction as well.
I was thinking about you.. and thought of this.
Me, in the kitchen, wearing only a slightly large t shirt when you get the desire to come up behind me and start playing with me.
First, wrapping your arms around me, pressing yourself against my back, my hands on the kitchen counter standing straight up against you.. you're only wearing a pair of sweatpants. After a few seconds you move your right hand down my stomach, down my right leg, lifting up my shirt before you start lazily playing with my pussy. While your other hand moves up my body under my shirt flicking my nipple for a few seconds before moving back down and grabbing my hip, holding me lightly. Feel my wetness on your fingers, hear me softly moaning, as I rub my bare ass against your cock through your sweatpants. 
My head thrown back against you. You let go of my hip long enough to pull your sweatpants down, exposing your rock hard cock. Grabbing my hip again, you start rubbing your cock against my ass before dipping it between my legs to tease me, to rub against my wet pussy lips. Hear me moan "Yess" while you're moving your shaft gently between my pussy lips, coating your cock in my wetness, and making me rub harder against you. Grab my hip tight as you continue to play with my pussy and rub your cock against my pussy lips until i'm about to cum.. when you stop. Hear me whimper as you stop touching me and move your hand covered in my juices up to my lips, letting me get only one lick before you move your fingers away from my mouth, leading me, making me lean over to follow your dripping fingers so I can lick myself off of you. 
You wait until I'm bent over before allowing me to lick your fingers clean. Just as I finish licking you take the hard cock you were still rubbing against my engorged pussy lips and thrust it inside me, hard. I scream while your fingers are still gently in my mouth. You feel my whole body tense as you quickly take your fingers out of my mouth to grab my other hip and move your other hand up to grab a fistful of my hair. You tilt my head, back arched, whimpering still and moaning. Slide your hard cock slowly out of me until just the head is still in me before slamming your cock back into my pussy nice and hard. Continue doing that, slowly pounding me while firmly grabbing my hip and a fistful of my hair to keep me in place. Feel my body shaking against yours, trying to get you to fuck me faster. Hear me moaning and screaming loudly with each thrust of your cock. You say, "Tell me how you want me to fuck you", just as you ram yourself inside of me making me scream, "HARD AND FAST". 
Continue to slowly pound me while whispering in my ear, "Not until you beg for it". Squirming and desperate for you to fuck me how I need, I moan and scream, "PLEASE BABY, PLEASE MIKE, I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD, PLEASE FUCK ME FAST" over and over again. After a few seconds of listening to me whimper and moan you taunt, "I knew my little slut needed it hard and fast". Just as you whisper this to me, you let go of my hair to grab both of my hips tight as you pound into me as hard as you can. Start fucking me faster and faster as i scream and moan for more. Feel my body quiver as you make me cum hard all over your cock as I lose control of my body. Ram your cock in me once more after I'm done cumming before grabbing my hair and my hip and turning me around, pressing me up against the kitchen counter until I'm sitting on it. Kiss me fiercely as you rub your already wet cock against my dripping wet pussy, covering it further in my cum. Before using the grip you have on my hair to force me off the counter, down to my knees. When you start rubbing your cum covered cock all over my face until I beg to suck you. You grunt, "Play with yourself like the little slut you are" before shoving your cock hard down my throat. Feel me moan around your hard cock, looking up at you, my face covered in my own cum. You start fucking my face nice and hard, making me play with myself faster, making me moan more around you. Just before you cum you tell me, "Make sure you swallow it all bitch", and watch my eyes widen as you thrust your cock deep down my throat and start cumming. I try to swallow all your cum, but you see two lines of it ooze out around the corners of my mouth around your cock. You make me lick you spotless before hauling me up to my feet, making me leave your cum on my face.
You drag me to the bedroom where you roughly remove my shirt and push me down on the bed. Grab my legs and pull me towards the edge of the bed so my legs are hanging off it and my ass is almost at the edge, my pussy facing your computer. You tell me to lay back and play with my wet pussy, but that I'm not allowed to make myself cum, "That's my job". I lay there, playing with my dripping wet pussy, gently moaning and whimpering as you go start playing on your computer. Looking over at me every once in a while, watching my body move, my hips squirm, and my pussy beg for attention. Every now and then you get up, come over and stand in front of me, watching me play with myself up close for a few seconds, before grabbing my legs and spreading them apart. Rubbing your cock again all over my wet pussy, getting it nice and covered, lazily sliding your cock slowly and gently into me a few times, feeling my pussy squeeze your cock desperately, before pulling out and continuing to rub my pussy with your head. After a few seconds of doing that, you grab my hand that I was using to play with myself at the same time as grabbing my hair again and once again forcing me off the bed, down to my knees. 
Still holding my hand covered in my own juices above my head, you stand there sucking and licking my fingers clean, tasting me, while you hold my head and make me suck and lick your cock clean while gently stroking you. When we're both clean you make me get back on the bed and continue playing with myself, without making myself cum. Over the next couple hours you do that to me several more times until I'm to the point where I'm begging for some sort of release, any sort of release and I'm frustrated to the point of tears with the need to cum. When you've decided i've had enough you come over to me lay yourself on top of me, running your hands up my body, grabbing my wrists as you go. Moving my arms above my head on the bed, you cross my wrists and pin my arms down with one hand. 
Teasing my pussy with the head of your cock while your other hand and your mouth pinch and suck on my nipple, feeling it harden between your teeth. When I arc my hips up trying to take you inside me you let go of my nipple and use that hand to hold my hips down firmly. All the while I can't stop moaning and begging you to let me cum. My whole body is quivering and squirming under you, trying to rub against you, trying to move in any way that will bring me relief. With my wrists held down you see me strain against your grasp, pushing my tits up as I arc my back. You whisper in my ear, "Will you be a good girl from now on and do what you're told?" just as you slam your cock deep inside my pussy. You thrust into me as I yell yes and start moaning and screaming for you. You start fucking me, hard and fast. You tell me to moan about how good it feels, how bad I want your cock, and how I want you to use me as you're fucking me. As you start pounding my pussy harder with both my wrists still held down, you watch me writhe and struggle against you. You see my tits bouncing as you slam into me, your cum still on my chin. You feel me building up, my pussy squeezing your cock so tight as you thrust into me over and over. My hips pounding back against you. As I scream out, "OH BABY YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM... PLEASE MIKE, PLEASE CUM INSIDE ME, FILL MY PUSSY WITH YOUR CUM, I NEED IT" you feel my body completely lose control, I start to shudder under you, cumming hard over and over. 
As I cum you feel my pussy release all my pent up juices all over your cock and grip your cock so tight that you can't control it. You cum deep inside me, filling me, just as I cum all over your cock. You feel our combined cum dripping out of me all over you, dripping off your balls. Rolling off me so that we can both catch our breath, you release my wrists and I just lay there shaking, moaning, and gasping for air. Before I get too comfortable you grab me by my hair, force me to flip over onto my knees and force my head down to your cock to clean up our mess. As I'm licking and sucking you clean, you watch our cum drip down the insides of my legs. When I'm done, you spank my ass and tell me to go clean up...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3 Blowjobs

Where do I find the time to be such whore?  How am I still STD free?  Actually that last one is easy, I never throw away a good STD-free cock.

So yesterday morning, as I said, I was able to give Tristan a nice morning blowjob...

After work, however, he came back with my husband so we could all hang out for a few minutes complete with awkward moments.  Until Mike was convinced to get on his knees in front of Tristan to suck his cock like a good boyslut.  Very hot, watching him go down on a real live cock.  He definitely enjoyed himself.  I couldn't help but comment on his technique while he worked.  Don't worry though, Tristan still shot a huge load into Mike's waiting mouth.   Yum.

That wasn't the end of my night though.
After Tristan left I threw on something sexy with cleavage and drove a whole 40 minutes to visit a long-standing fuck buddy of mine to give him head.  I arrived at 7:55 and left at 8:14.  We video taped it, it was hot, and I worked him over so well with my mouth that he couldn't help cumming down my throat.

So far, that's three overall blowjobs and two different cocks in my mouth in one day.
When I got home me and Mike watched my new video, I sucked his cock while he watched me suck Dave's.  Got me so horny I begged him to fuck my dripping wet pussy, but before letting him cum I turned him over to fuck him too.  Out came the strap-on, lube, and I made him position a mirror so he could see me fucking him. Ahhh, I was still wearing a lacy bra, looking all disheveled while fucking him, incredibly sexy.

There ends my night, three different cocks in my mouth, three blowjobs, three intensely satisfied men.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Update & Pics

I haven't posted my sexcapades in a while mostly because we took a little breather.. my mouth was starting to get swollen and torn up.

So, Mike sucked his first load out of Tristan's cock while at work in a back room.  Very exciting, now Mike can't get enough.  He doesn't feel the need to be Kristy to suck cock, and it turns me on so much.  I haven't seen him swallow a load yet, but I'm hoping that happens tonight!

Tristan came over this morning for another blowjob, tasty and fun as usual.  I like talking with him about Mike sucking his cock, I can tell he likes it too.

As a reward for patience, here's a couple pics I think look amazing.  Normally I wouldn't post my face on this blog.. but let's face it (ihatepuns), you can't tell who is under this cock.  One of the reasons I love these pictures is that the owner of this delicious piece of equipment has long since maintained that no one can get his member as big as my mouth can.  I love facials.

Another note, these are still shots from my favorite blowjob video, cheers!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tristan meets Kristy

So.. Tuesday night me and my husband invited Tristan over for dinner and to meet Kristy for the first time after work.  The three of us had been talking about this night for quite some time and we were all really really excited. Did we build it up a little too much? Maybe, but it was still so fucking hot and steamy.  Yes there were a few awkward moments, but I didn't even really notice them.  Before I dive into the illicit details let me just mention that before Tuesday Tristan had never seen Kristy in person, Kristy had never sucked a cock or been fucked by a real cock, Tristan had never done anything with a man or cross-dresser before, and Tristan had never fucked me in anything other than my mouth before.  Oh yeah baby, story time!

So Tristan showed up around 6pm, I already had dinner started so we didn't have to wait too long to eat.  Mike wasn't dressed as Kristy yet, we had decided it would be more fun for him to do that later.  We sat around, witty banter ensued, ate some good food.. but I did notice the boys were a little anxious to get to the couch already and start "relaxing".

All we did was talk at first.  Mostly about sex, sexual positions, experiences, preferences, etc.  I kept making references to sucking Tristan's cock and how much I love his cum.  Tristan was really interested in finding out more about Kristy and did a very good job of talking about her like she actually is a completely separate person.  Mike was laying down on the love seat while I idly started touching Tristan's cock through his pants.  I got Tristan so horny he had to remove them actually.. and of course once out of his pants I couldn't help but wrap my lips around his cock and start sucking.  Every few seconds at first I paused to look up at Mike watching us and smile at him before going back to Tristan's cock until Tristan grabbed my head and started fucking my face nice and hard.  He fucked my face and expertly moved my hair out of the way to give Mike an amazing view of his cock sliding down my throat.  It was amazingly hot to get a good throat fucking while my husband watched and probably thought about how much he wanted to suck that same cock.  Tristan loved fucking my face while he watched too.. and gagged me nice and hard while cumming down my throat.  Really sexy to eagerly lick up every drop of his cum with my husband watching, I could feel the jealousy.

Don't worry, Tristan cumming in my mouth early was part of the plan.  After all, Kristy had to get ready and Tristan can cum multiple times in a row if needed... which is frankly astounding.  Soon after I swallowed a tasty load, we moved the conversation back to Kristy and I started telling Tristan all the sexy things I think about her.  (i will be referring to Kristy as "her")  I convinced Mike to prove to Tristan all the sexy things I had been saying about Kristy, so he went back to the bedroom to get changed and become Kristy.  Me and Tristan chatted while waiting for Kristy and I was able to keep the conversation on sex and excitement.

Then.. out walks Kristy.  Very shy, obviously nervous, and a complete knock-out.  Tristan was completely floored.  Watching Tristan's reaction to my Kristy.. oh yeah, he wanted her.  She was dressed in outwardly normal women's clothes.  Girly sweat pants, tight T-shirt that showed off her large rack, adorable beanie hat I bought for her over her long auburn hair, and cute girly socks.  Her makeup was very well done and she put nails with little blossoms on which made her hands look so delicate.  Me and Tristan agreed that even out in public no one would notice she was anything other than a slightly taller hot piece of female ass.  Tristan was so great, complimenting her non-stop and intently staring at her like a horny teenager.  He was absolutely amazed at how passable she is.

We all went outside to the patio, trying to calm Kristy down, ease some of her nerves.  I made Tristan take the seat next to her.  We complimented her makeup, hair, clothes, body, etc while I was sitting cross-legged on the ground in front of them both.  Watching them flirt, seeing her shyly respond to his attentions made my pussy absolutely drip.  Tristan started lightly stroking Kristy's leg, pulling up her pants and discovering the sexy black fishnets she had on under her pants.  Tristan started playing with them, touching her, making her squirm while I sat there rubbing her other leg and talking to them both about how sexy the two of them are together.

On the way back inside I admired Kristy's ass, but still shy she walked over to the love seat to sit alone again. Instead I asked her to show Tristan her ass.  Standing with her back to both of us I asked her to pull down her pants so Tristan could get a good look at her ass in an amazing pair of black lacy panties.  I am posting a picture because I cannot accurately describe how amazing and real she looked.

Then I made her come closer so Tristan could feel it.. watching his hands explore her ass for the first time.. magical.  He started squeezing, slapping, rubbing, basically mesmerized by the feel and look of Kristy's ass.  We felt Kristy up together, and I started asking her if she liked it, if she liked Tristan's hands on her ass.  Her voice got lower as she became more and more aroused.  She started breathlessly whimpering out her answers and Tristan's hands roamed her delicious body.  While continuing to ask naughty questions aimed at turning both of them on I started playing with Tristan's cock, first through his pants, then I just had to feel how hard Kristy made him.

I have noticed over the course of the week that Tristan is very rarely hard unless physically stimulated, which is actually a ton of fun if your favorite thing to do is giving blowjobs.  It's great to feel him harden in my mouth/hand.

Anyway, he was already hard with both his hands on her amazing ass, and it turned me on so much that I started sucking on his cock.  Gently of course, this was Kristy's show.. I mostly just wanted to feel with my mouth how hard she makes Tristan.  At this point Kristy had taken off her shirt so she was only wearing the fishnets, black lacy bra, and panties to match.  I paused every few moments to ask Kristy another titillating question before lowering my head back down to Tristan's hard cock.  I could tell that she loved what I was doing to him behind her back, she kept making soft whimpering sounds.

I couldn't take any more and the couple seemed like they were at an impasse, wanting more but not wanting the current sensations to end.  So I got up and took their arms to lead them into the bedroom.  Big soft bed I figured would be easier to maneuver in.  I had Kristy lay down on her stomach so me and Tristan could start slowly playing with her ass.  I loved running my hands up and down her legs while Tristan stroked his own cock and Kristy's ass.  I was laying on my back between them, my head between Kristy's ass and Tristan's cock.  I altered back and forth between rubbing my face all over Kristy's ass and then sucking Tristan's cock while my hands were busy teasing my own tits and playing with my pussy.

I squeezed Kristy's ass and told her to come help me after a while.  Nervous but noticeably excited, she snuggled up next to me up to Tristan's cock and I held it and she started to lick.  Almost like sign language we started taking turns on his hardening member.  I would suck his cock into my mouth, down my throat, running my tongue over his head, and pressing my head firmly down onto him; and then I would hold his cock out to Kristy to imitate me.  Watching her lipglossed mouth run down his hard shaft was amazing.  She so obviously enjoyed it.  The side profile of her face with a cock buried in it.. she truly became Kristy.  So feminine and slutty, no trace of Mike could be seen.  I wanted a taste so I began kissing her with Tristan's hard cockhead between our lips.  We shared his cock.  I flicked my tongue out to caress the inside of her mouth and the cock between us at the same time.  Feeling both of our lips pressed against his cock was probably the most fun I've ever had.. doing anything.

After a while I let Kristy suck her first cock solo and I got on my back and started touching myself while playing with Kristy's cock and simply watching her mouth and Tristan's face.  He loved it.  She started moaning from my attentions which was distracting her from the cock between her lips, making Tristan hold her head.

Watching this awoke an incredible urge to cum, so I asked Tristan if he would fuck my pussy for a little bit and as an excuse added that Kristy could lick my pussy juices off of him after he made me cum.  Always happy to oblige, the everlasting Tristan climbed on top of me to get me off and Kristy positioned her ass next to my face so we could both play with her while he fucked me.  I loved feeling my pussy clamp around his cock as he pounded me and played with Kristy's ass.  It felt so good, obviously turned Kristy on since she started playing with herself.  Watching both of them while being fucked made me cum so hard.  I started moaning and gasping as Tristan rocked me over the peak.

At this point Tristan was ready to cum about ten times and Kristy had that glazed look in her eyes that told me she couldn't possibly be more turned on.  Tristan grabbed her head and she eagerly sucked up and cleaned off his cock and I promptly brought her head to me to taste myself on her lips.  I grabbed the lube and offered to prepare her tight little ass for him, of course he agreed.  He watched intently as I pulled her panties down around her thighs, rubbed oil all over her opening, lightly stroking my finger inside her to make sure she was slick and ready.  I brought Tristan's hand to her ass to help me work in the lube and feel her up.  Then I rubbed oil onto my hand and ran my hand up and down Tristan's cock, oiling him like a piston.

It was an incredible feeling to guide Tristan's cock into her waiting hole and feel his slick head push into her.  I was laying next to them and I got to watch Kristy take her first real cock in her ass.  Both of them were moaning.. and her ass felt so good around Tristan's cock he started to fuck her harder and harder.  I was touching myself and watching her take her first load of cum was so hot that I started cumming.  Tristan's eyes kept going back and forth between Kristy's ass and me playing with myself.  I guess the feel of her ass, the view, and the sound of me moaning out my orgasms over and over was more than he could take. His body jerked as he rammed into Kristy filling her tight hole with cum.

Being such a swell guy, and obviously considerate, Tristan then bent Kristy over to continue fucking her while I sucked Kristy's cock.  She was so hard and Tristan kept reaching around her to play with my tits and feel me suck her cock.  It was so much fun and so hot.. but I felt kind of bad for Tristan, so I offered to fuck Kristy.. put on my strap-on, and go to town on her ass with Tristan watching.  Of course they agreed!

So while Kristy stroked herself I got out my cock, strapped it on, and told Kristy to bend over the bed in front of me.  Her little ass was still dripping with lube and cum had started to run out of her.  Using a small amount of oil, I lubed up my own cock and forced it into her.  She moaned out as I rammed into her nice and hard, counting on Tristan's cum to ensure she was completely lubed up.  As I started fucking her, hard but slow, I watched as my cock pushing into her made Tristan's cum ooze out of her around my cock.  I held her hips firmly and began fucking her harder and faster as Tristan watched transfixed.  I reminded her that she had just taken her first load of cum as I pounded against her ass.  I started cumming while fucking her at the same time she clamped down and started squirting her intense orgasm all over the bed.  Tristan likes watching cum as much as I do.. so we were both more than satisfied.

The whole  night was so much fun.. after Tristan left for the night Mike was still so turned on that he fucked me silly while we reminisced about his first load of cum together.  So all three of us got off multiple times.. and while sore the next day, it was an extremely sexy kind of sore.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend Recap

Too many things are happening in my sex life for me to post every encounter now.  Besides the fact that the "sexting", texting, flirting, etc really never stops.. well it just never stops.  Great for my pussy.. bad for my blog.  Especially with Tristan poking me to post everyday!  So here is the Recap!

Tristan came over to fuck my face before being busy all weekend.  Admittidly, my husband's cock recieved a much needed rest.  However, I missed sucking Tristan's cock.  Was going to do a quick breakdown describing the differences in their cocks and why I like sucking them both.. but I think that will have to be saved for a separate post.

He fucked my throat in bed while I played with my dripping wet pussy at the same time.  Delicious as always, pretty sure I swallowed every drop.  I love the way he holds my head while pounding into my face.

I promised Kristy (my CD husband) a date night so I made her dinner and treated her as much as I could like a princess.  And a dirty little whore of course.  She wore her new fishnet stockings, amazing black lace panties with a bra to match, and she even did her nails for me.

Originally the plan was to make her suck my cock and fuck her a few times before letting her cum.. but we kind of got carried away.  First I simply couldn't stop fondling her ass.  It feels simply amazing, soft and smooth, and so squishy yet firm.  I was taking pictures to send to Tristan while touching her.  I was also talking to her, asking her what she liked and what cocks she wanted.  I made her stand in front of me while I played with her.. then I started rubbing my face over her delicious cheeks.  I loved the feeling of pressing my face into her ass.. I started biting and slapping it.  She moaned and spread her legs a bit for me.  I was pressing my face into her ass, feeling the lace and soft skin against my face.  I was so horny and out of it, I began licking her, one cheek at a time, planting soft kisses wherever I could find exposed skin then smacking it with my palm so it turned an amazing rosy red.  Breathing heavily into every sensitive spot.  I couldn't take it anymore so I pulled her panties down to her thighs to hold her legs there and I started licking her hot little hole and eagerly eating her out.  She kept pushing her ass back into me.

So then I stood up and lubed up her hole and my cock.
I started fucking that tight sexy little hole while slapping her ass and holding her tits.  I lost all control and started fucking her so hard she was screaming.  Grabbed her hips and forced myself into her hard and fast.  We both came so hard we fell backwards together onto our ottoman.. don't worry, no injury and I was able to catch her just fine, though abruptly sitting down onto my cock made her whimper so sweetly while cumming.

The amazing discovery of the night was that I found out that I can actually orgasm with no clitoral stimulation or vaginal penetration.  I literally fucked her ass so hard that the weight of her ass slapping into my abdomen actually hit my G-spot and triggered a hugely intense orgasm.. immaculate really.

Relaxing doggie-style-side-bed sex with a cock ring on while talking dirty to each other about Tristan and how hot this week is going to be.

Tristan was busy all weekend but of course came right over as soon as he could today to fuck my pretty little mouth.  He must have been saving some up for me because I could hardly swallow his entire load.

Him and Kristy flirted so much while I was gone that Kristy was able to get herself off onto her own face with a dildo up her ass.. and then when I got home Mike absolutely had to fuck my face.  It was a great face fucking, I was really able to relax my throat and let him pound on me.

Nothing too extravagant, we all have big plans for tomorrow evening.. technically tonight now.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well, kind of.
Me and Tristan decided to surprise my husband by having Tristan come over before work but after Mike left so I could get a nice face fucking first thing in the morning on camera. Of course I sent the video of Tristan's cock violating my face to my husband after we were done. I finally gave the address of this blog to Tristan, it is a complete turn on knowing that he is going to read our experiences from my point of view. Maybe I'll add an author? We'll see!

Last night me and Mike had our first sex-related fight.. strange enough it had nothing to do with other cocks. I may post about the fight later, however there is a relevent point. Earlier my husband really needed some sort of outlet for his frustration, so after watching Tristan fuck my mouth he decided my mouth needed his cock too. He fucked my face so hard that my eyes were watering.. yes he pumped his cock into my mouth until I cried.

It.was.amazing. Had no idea I liked it quite that rough.. so hot though.
Also got it all on video.. amg.

Really hope Tristan comes over again soon for some family fun.. I want to see my husband, as Kristy, suck his cock really badly.

I am in my car typing this on my phone and playing with myself.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Enter Tristan

A coworker of my husband Michael, Tristan has been hearing about my amazing blowjobs for probably the past month.  Younger than us by a little, he's very cute, very horny, and I always got that "freak vibe" from him (the good kind).

I didn't know it at first, but Mike was forwarding some of my more graphic texts to Tristan every chance he got.  When I found out about the texts I started sending my husband dirtier and dirtier texts.. in hopes they'd be passed on.  Yep, that's how much I enjoy turning men on.

Anyway, my husband finally told Tristan yesterday that I would love to suck his cock among other things.  Apparently the two guys talk about sex all the time.  So me and Tristan started texting and I let him know that, yes, I do really want to suck his cock.  I was really excited.   We flirted through text messages and I talked about sex while my husband talked with him about sex during work.  I finally convinced him to come over last night while my husband was playing poker with the guys.

It was so much fun.. he was really nervous.  He hadn't had much sexual experience before, but he's very willing and eager to learn from and with us.  We talked about sex while ignoring a movie before we started to watch porn together.  Mostly my own homemade porn, with some anal and blowjobs thrown in.  He was so turned on he couldn't help but touch himself through his pants.  Finally he asked me if I wanted to get started, I said yes and started rubbing his leg while he pulled down his pants.  We were sitting next to each other on the couch while I stroked his cock.  He is circumcised, which I love seeing how my husband is not.  I couldn't help but bend over and wrap my lips around his cock.  I licked it a couple times before sucking the whole thing down my throat.  He tastes delicious.

Knowing how nervous he was and that he had never fucked a girl's face before, I was completely surprised when he grabbed my head and started pumping his cock down my throat.  It felt so good, his cock hit the back of my throat every time he forced my head down onto his cock which always makes my pussy clamp down.  Did I mention he was recording it? Oh yes.. it was hot.. him recording me sucking his cock.

After Tristan left and Mike came home we watched the video together while Mike fucked my face.. that's right, two big loads of cum down my throat within an hour of each other.  The thought of me and Tristan turned my husband on so much that he actually got off a second time after that.. which is very unusual for him.

If that was all this would be a much shorter post.. here it goes.. the whirlwind since then:
First, I woke up this morning with Tristan naked in my bed.  My husband went to work, left me sleeping, and convinced him to come over, let himself in, and get another blowjob.  Which was again amazing.. more so because he was squeezing my tits even while fucking my face.  That wasn't the first visit I got during the work day though.
During lunch my husband decided to come home with Tristan so they could both enjoy me together.  First I sucked my husband's cock while Tristan watched, then I got to put Tristan's cock in my mouth again while my husband watched.  It was incredible, having two cocks hard for me.  The best feeling though was when I was on all fours in front of Tristan, my husband got behind me and started fucking my pussy while my mouth fucked Tristan's cock.  Every time my husband thrust into me my face was impaled with Tristan's cock.  Every time I felt Tristan hit the back of my throat my pussy clamped down on my husband's cock.  I couldn't help moaning around the cock in my mouth.  With my husband fucking my dripping wet pussy, causing my head to bob up and down, it was almost like he was fucking Tristan with my face.  And of course Tristan started fucking my face at the same time by grabbing my hair and holding my head on his cock.  Feeling Tristan start cumming down my throat was the best, I tried to pull back but he held my head down on his cock while he pumped my mouth full of cum for the second time today.. third time within 24 hours.

We plan to make it a regular thing.  Tristan is excited, I am excited, and Mike is excited.  Tristan also likes the idea of my husband dressing up to become Kristy.. which is great.  They are both alike in that while the thought of being romantic with another man pretty much grosses them out, they both are incredibly turned on by cock and sensations.  Tristan is also the person I had in mind while writing the story on here.

Tomorrow me and Tristan have a surprise planned for my husband, it's gonna be fun, and hot.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun but not quite Fantastic

Although fun, I have to say that bringing in a stranger for a one night stand can lead to awkward feelings without alcoholic help.

First, the guy showed up late.. not a fan.  We were both already so nervous that the wait really hurt more than helped.  He decided that he wanted my husband, Michael, to get dressed up after he got here, so not only did my husband have to sit here nervous, but he also had to go and get dressed while I sucked the cock of this strange guy in the living room.  The guy who showed up was also drunk off his ass.

Don't get me wrong, it was still fun and a very interesting experience..but I think it may be better in the future to either skip the intro and get down to the dirty sex right away or to do it with someone we know.  First I sucked this guy's cock while my husband got dressed up in the bathroom.   It was a pretty nice cock.. honestly I was a little drunk and don't remember it too well.  But then my husband came out all dressed up.  Touching ensued, he grabbed my husband's ass and felt him up while I sucked his cock.  The guy was so drunk that it took him way too long to cum.  When he did it was unimpressive.  My husband got off watching me suck his cock.  I didn't get off.. just wasn't feeling the guy, too ... ugh.

Ok, actually it has taken me so long to post because it really wasn't all that entertaining.  I mean, it was an experience.. and me and my husband had some really hot sex after the guy left.. but in the end I think if we try to bring in a stranger from CL again we're going to have to approach it much differently.

Besides, I'm pretty sure we are getting someone else to entertain us with.  Yes, i backdated this post, so what? only by two days.. and it's been so long because in the last 24 hours I have given a total of 6 blowjobs, all amazing, and I'm too excited to post about THAT.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting ready for tonight with dress-up time

Me and my husband are so excited for tonight that yesterday we went out and bought him a new wig.  Wig selection I've discovered can be tricky, to get one that is the right color, length, cut.. exhausting.  Luckily we found a cheap one we loved at a local costume shop.

He looks so amazingly hot dressed as my girl I couldn't help dressing him up earlier today and taking some pics.  That of course led to another blowjob video, it looks like I'm sucking the gorgeous cock of a gorgeous chick with a dick.  When we watched the video and looked at the pictures together he got so turned on that he begged me to send one to the man coming over tonight and also to post one here.  Love it.

This will be the first time we've brought another man into our relationship to enjoy together.. I have to admit the thought of another man hitting on my husband while he's dressed up, touching him, kissing him, staring at him.. really get's me wet.  I think playing our homemade videos quietly on the big screen while the three of us drink a little to get relaxed and know each other will be a really great icebreaker. :)

I will definitely post about what happens tonight.. until then, so much to do and suck.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Insomnia helps the sex life.

I can't sleep so I'm laying here casually playing with myself, thinking about Sunday.  So excited.

I decided to explore craigslist further, so I am currently trading sexy texts with someone looking for a sexting buddy.  Right now he is talking about how much he wants to bend me over and fuck my tight little ass.. i want him to fuck my ass, and spank it.  He's not the best sexting partner, but all I could find tonight.

I'll leave a note for my husband to read the conversation when he wakes up.. maybe then he can wake me up with his own cock in my ass.  Thinking about some night when I can't sleep possibly finding someone to have phone sex with and record it for my husband to listen to when he gets up in the morning.

I think it's a good idea :)

His first taste

This is a fictional story with made up names and situations, I write to fully explore my own fantasies.

He came over to get high and celebrate with us, me and my husband.  He was young, strong, strawberry blonde hair with big full lips and light hazel eyes.  New to the sexual world but knowing that my husband wanted him to attempt to get me to suck his cock, he was slightly nervous when he arrived.  I greeted him and pretended I didn't know why he was here.  He was just full of smiles for me.  I got the feeling that even though he was new to sex he was a fellow sexual deviant at heart, so my nagging conscience over his young age was appeased.  He made himself comfortable on our couch while I passed around the bong loaded with a fresh bowl.
"Are you excited, Chris?" I ask, while looking at him questioningly with big innocent eyes.  He's caught off-guard for just a moment with a surprised look on his face before I added, "about your birthday?"
He smiled and finally managed, "Ye-Yes it's going to be great."
I smiled and sat next to him while we passed the bong back and forth, getting absolutely trashed.  I could tell that he was high and horny, the way he was sitting and kept glancing at me so I started to appear too high to properly function.  My eyes were glazed, my shoulders slouched, I started constantly licking my lips and glancing at my husband's cock while lightly rubbing my own thigh.  It was a sign for my husband to leave to get some food.
"Looks like I'm the only one sober enough to be out of the house at the moment," he said with an ironic inflection, "you two enjoy yourselves, i'll be back in a bit."
All of the sudden he was gone and I was alone with a young horny guy itching to get his cock sucked.
"Son of a Bitch," I mumbled, "he knows I hate it when he leaves me alone when im this high."  I was still rubbing myself along my inner thigh, my hand had his complete attention.
"Why don't you like to be alone?" he asked with a sarcastic little smile on his face as he pulled his eyes off my hand.
With my eyes still glazed I threw my head back like I didn't even have the energy to hold it up as I sigh out, "He knows how much I need his cock when I'm high, I get too horny to not cum."
I heard him suck in his breath while my eyes are closed, my hand was starting to rub myself more obviously.
"If you want, " he whispered all of the sudden, "you can tell me about how much you like it, I don't mind if you have to touch yourself."
I quickly looked at him with the expression on my face that said "because I'm so out of it and horny that is an amazingly clever idea" and smile while I started to rub my pussy through my short shorts.
As I touched myself I couldn't help moaning and lightly panting, especially with Chris's big eyes glued to me like that.  He started rubbing himself through his pants while watching and listening to me.
"I just get so horny," I explain,"it's not just John's cock, when I get this high and horny I can't help but want any and every cock in my mouth."  I was licking my lips and staring at Chriss roaming hand while saying all this, getting myself more worked up.  "I really just need to suck cock... " my hand slipped under my panties to play with my dripping wet pussy.  "I'd give anything to have a nice hard cock fucking my face right now, " I finally state as I close my eyes, lean back my head, and moan with my mouth open, my tongue flicking across my lips.
I heard him move, and I feel like electricity, it felt so good.  Rubbing my pussy, while Chris watches and rubs himself and I describe how much I want to suck his cock.  All of the sudden I hear him whisper from somewhere close, just over my head, "i want to fuck your face.. i can help you if you want" he sounded nervous and extremely turned on.
I opened my eyes and looked him in the eye.  While still rubbing my wet little pussy, back arched, head up, mouth open and begging, I look at him with glazed eyes and moan out, "Yes please.. I need it.. please fuck my face"
Suddenly his hands are grabbing my hair as he brought my mouth to his hard cock right above my face.  He had gotten up to stand right above me, he moaned loudly as my lips closed around his hard cock and I sucked him down into my throat.  It made him grab my head even tighter as he pushed himself down my throat firmly, the head of his hard cock rubbing the back of my throat.  My own fingers start moving furiously as I moan as loud as I can around his cock and he started thrusting harder and deeper into my waiting and eager mouth.  Over and over he pumped his hard shaft into my mouth, "Shiiit yeeees" he moaned a few times.
I could feel his cock harden in my mouth as he was about to cum so I grabbed his ass and pulled his body into my face as hard as I could, shoving his entire length as deep down my throat as I could get it.  He immediately started to cum hard, his hands were like a vice grip on my head causing me to start cumming hard and fast all over my hand as the tremors of his orgasm started to subside.  With a sigh he withdrew from my mouth, he looked nervous.
I smiled up at him, winked, wiped my puffy lips with my hand to catch any stray drops of cum, and simply said, "Thank you, that was wonderful". He looked relieved and happy, but the nervousness was still there.  Of course I realized that he was nervous about my husband and what would happen now.  So to ease his nerves I started talking to him simply about sex, asking questions, and learning about his experiences so far and what he wanted to try.
As it turned out, I finally got it out of him that it not only turned him on to get his cock sucked, but he also liked that my husband knew about it.  Eventually I found out that Chris was more than a little bi-curious and he and my husband had been trading sexy texts (that I sent my husband) back in forth sharing.  Chris admitted that the sharing with my husband turned him on since he liked thinking about my husband's hard cock.  With subtle questions I gauge his reaction to certain situations and decide on a plan of action to bring it out.  First I kept Chris's bowl full so that he stayed nice and high.
Then I started talking about all the different things I loved about my husband.  His big full lips, hard cock, his amazing ass.. until Chris started getting hard again.  Then I ask him, "wouldn't you just love to see his big lips covered with lipstick and wrapped around your cock?"  "Yeah.. that'd be awesome," Chris sighed out before realizing that he just admitted to wanting a man to suck his cock.  "I mean.. uh, I didn't mean.." He started to stammer out before I interrupted him, "I think it would be hot to see him sucking your cock like I just did, he's always wanted to learn and I've always wanted to teach him."  Chris shut up about objecting but was blushing furiously when at that moment my husband got back.
"You two have a good time?" he asked archly.
Chris looks away still blushing and trying to hide his hardon when I stretch, moan, and respond, "a very good time love, Chris here just finished up fucking my face a while ago, his cum is delicious.. and maybe if you're a good boy he will let you taste it."  Both Chris and my husband, John looked simply stunned at what I had put out there.  Neither objecting and both were too embarrassed to speak up.  So instead I start talking about sex.  The ways I like it, the ways I didn't, the way a cock feels in my mouth, my thoughts on how people shouldn't care what feels good as long as it does.. the usual stuff.  They started to relax, I kept passing the bong around as they got comfortable.  Finally everyone started to talk about their secret desires and started touching themselves casually while talking.  Both men got so turned on talking and touching themselves that they took out their cocks to stroke them and show them off to each other.  I got too horny and finally broke down, by getting on my knees in front of Chris, licking his cock up and down while looking up at him and asking, "Chris.. I'd really like to show John how to suck a cock using yours as the test subject, is that ok?" He was so turned on by the thought he couldn't say a word, simply nodded.  So while on my knees I reached over to tug on my husband's pant leg, motioning him to come join me in front of Chris.  As my husband was getting settled on the floor next to me I took Chris's balls into my mouth to gently suckle them before asking him to sit forward a little.
We started slowly, I told my husband to just start by licking the shaft from base to tip and playing with the head with his tongue.  He obeyed so well, and Chris started moaning.  I started playing with my pussy while John explored his very first cock with his mouth.  Every once in a while I'd lick the cock with John, show him a new technique for him to imitate.  I could tell Chris was loving it.  I made Chris explain to John the differences in what I did versus him and pretty soon Chris's cock was sliding smoothly between my husband's puffy lips.
While my husband was starting to suck harder and more confidently, I moved to sit next to Chris on the couch.  He put one of his hands on my leg and I gently fondled his balls under my husband's chin while whispering in Chris's ear, "Is he getting better?..Good..What if you could see him with lipstick on, would that make you hot baby?..it would?.." as Chris gasped out that he would love to see my husband wearing lipstick my husband moaned and started sucking more energetically.
Seeing that I, of course, brought him some lipstick, which I expertly put on while Chris stroked himself.  With my husband's lips wrapped back around Chris's cock they both started moaning really loudly.  I took my shirt off to give Chris access to my tits, I wanted to give him something to suck while my husband was working on cock.  On my knees next to Chris, a nipple in his soft mouth, I could feel his tongue teasing me.  One of my hands was on my husband's head while it moved up and down on Chris while the other hand was on Chris head as he teased my nipples.  I could feel both men moaning as I directed their head movements.
"Use your hand to stroke his cock, keep your hand against your lips as you move up and down, tighten your grip on the downward movements" I instruct my husband.  As he complied Chris immediately sat up, gripping John's head and started to fuck his face hard and fast as he started cumming down my husband's throat.  Seeing John eagerly lick up and swallow all of Chris's cum turned me on so much that I felt like I had to start sucking cock.  So while Chris cooled down from his intense blowjob I eagerly sucked my husband's cock down my throat and started sucking in earnest.  Watching Chris lightly stroke his recovering cock complete with lipstick markings and a happy look on his face made my husband start fucking my face as hard as he could.  Practically screaming around his cock in ecstasy, he finally started cumming deep down my throat, when I looked up and saw that Chris was sucking and nibbling on one of my husband's nipples.  As we all calm down we decided to have dinner together, continue the awesome conversation and smoke some more weed.
I knew that it wasn't over the moment I saw Chris get a glimpse of my husband's tight little ass peeking out of his panties as he stood up to pull up his pants.  After sharing Chris's cock with my husband I was more than happy to see things continue....

Friday, July 8, 2011

The discovery of CL

Yes I always knew it existed, but I had never considered going to craigslist for an erotic fix before... until today.  I had no idea how easy it is to find people to play with using CL.  I decided to try, I figured worst comes to worst i would obviously get bot replies.

So I created my first sex ad on craigslist, looking for a man for the weekend that me and my husband can play with.  Not only did we want a cock to play with, but my husband wanted to play while dressed up, perhaps even suck his very first cock.  So I made a typical post and included a picture of his ass in a pair of panties (most amazing ass shot ever) as well as a promise of a blowjob from at least me(my blowjobs are simply amazing, no lie).  I was immediately flooded with responses, and they weren't even bots.  So we browsed through the choices, selected a lucky man and now that man is coming over on Sunday to relax with us, drink with us, and have fun with us.  I can't express how excited I am to watch my man with another man.
The man we picked to come over is experienced with couples but has never been with a male CD before (crossdresser), which he is completely excited for.  Sounds perfect anyway, bisexual, loves pussy, but has an infatuation with cock..

The amazing success of this first ad gave me courage to answer one for myself.
The ad simply said early 30s looking for a FWB (friends with benefits) to hook up with during the day.. best part, the guy lives right down the street from me.  So I emailed him, told him how much I love sucking cock... after trading pictures he came over a short 2 hours later.
He was here for about 10 minutes, I sucked his cock, swallowed his load, and then told my husband all about it.

When my husband got home from work I gave him all my emails, texts, and the story I wrote him.  He couldn't help but moan while reading them all.. of course I was on my knees in front of him playing with my dripping wet pussy while he read everything.  He fucked me doggie style in the same position I sucked cock a short few hours before he got home.

I'm so horny all the time now.

I Love Blowjobs

I gave a friend a blowjob last night.  I drove to his house, a short while of catch up, before we relaxed in his bed to watch a movie.  He started to kiss me, I didn't really like it.  I was there to suck his cock not kiss him, so I pushed him off of me and pulled out his cock.  I started sucking on his big head and wrapped my lips around his hard cock.  I teased him for a while before asking him to video me sucking his cock.  He loved the idea, so I pulled out my camera, got on my knees with him standing over me, and he filmed the entire blowjob.  It was more than a blowjob, I begged him to fuck my face, and he did. My lips look so hot wrapped around his cock, i look great on my knees.  He also rubbed his cock all over my face and smacked me in the face a few times, I loved all of it.

Sucking a big beautiful cock, getting face fucked and throat fucked was just the first part of my fun.
When I got home my husband watched the video of me sucking my friend's cock while I sucked his.  It was so god damn hot.. my husband listening to another guy give me orders and fuck my face..  My husband watched as my friend grabbed my head and shoved his cock down into my throat as hard as he could.  I love when he watches me being a horny little slut.

That is our first video of me with someone else, but it wont be our last. I can't describe how amazingly hot it was to get face fucked while my husband watches a different cock face fuck me.. I want him to see me covered in cum someday.

Intro Post

Me and my husband recently discovered something amazing about ourselves.. we are sexual freaks.  After much discussion and heart felt fantasizing we decided to start including others in our sex life, at least in theory.  No longer a theory, we now are in a completely happy, open relationship.  How does this work?  Easily as it turns out.  Do you know what it is like to be so completely open with someone and loved by that person that you can really tell them any thought in your head and you'd be accepted and loved for it?  When our dam walls burst a whole plethora of emotions and desires came flooding out.  I admitted to wanting to see him dressed as a woman and pleasured by other men and women.  He told me how turned on he got thinking about me sucking off other men.  He also like's dressing up as a woman and is newly bisexual.  We are so honest with each other that walking into a party now we can freely discuss what we would want to do with any of the people around us.  Because we are so open and honest I know that if he wanted to fuck someone, he would tell me, then he would, and then he would come home to me.. it is very hot to me to suck on his cock when I know it has been buried in another woman.  There is no worry that he would cheat or stray.  Emotionally, heart, mind, and soul he is all mine forever, as I am all his.  Our bodies are enjoyed by other people and we enjoy other people's bodies.  The difference is obvious in our relationship, and only because we are both the right personality type could this even hope to work in the first place.

Pictures may be posted in the future, but for now all anyone needs to know is we are both in our late 20s and healthy.

I decided to start blogging our sexual adventures to keep an erotic record, share my experiences, and maybe meet people who have gone through the same.  It is also unbelievably hot to think of turning other's on with my words.