Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well, kind of.
Me and Tristan decided to surprise my husband by having Tristan come over before work but after Mike left so I could get a nice face fucking first thing in the morning on camera. Of course I sent the video of Tristan's cock violating my face to my husband after we were done. I finally gave the address of this blog to Tristan, it is a complete turn on knowing that he is going to read our experiences from my point of view. Maybe I'll add an author? We'll see!

Last night me and Mike had our first sex-related fight.. strange enough it had nothing to do with other cocks. I may post about the fight later, however there is a relevent point. Earlier my husband really needed some sort of outlet for his frustration, so after watching Tristan fuck my mouth he decided my mouth needed his cock too. He fucked my face so hard that my eyes were watering.. yes he pumped his cock into my mouth until I cried.

It.was.amazing. Had no idea I liked it quite that rough.. so hot though.
Also got it all on video.. amg.

Really hope Tristan comes over again soon for some family fun.. I want to see my husband, as Kristy, suck his cock really badly.

I am in my car typing this on my phone and playing with myself.
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