Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Update & Pics

I haven't posted my sexcapades in a while mostly because we took a little breather.. my mouth was starting to get swollen and torn up.

So, Mike sucked his first load out of Tristan's cock while at work in a back room.  Very exciting, now Mike can't get enough.  He doesn't feel the need to be Kristy to suck cock, and it turns me on so much.  I haven't seen him swallow a load yet, but I'm hoping that happens tonight!

Tristan came over this morning for another blowjob, tasty and fun as usual.  I like talking with him about Mike sucking his cock, I can tell he likes it too.

As a reward for patience, here's a couple pics I think look amazing.  Normally I wouldn't post my face on this blog.. but let's face it (ihatepuns), you can't tell who is under this cock.  One of the reasons I love these pictures is that the owner of this delicious piece of equipment has long since maintained that no one can get his member as big as my mouth can.  I love facials.

Another note, these are still shots from my favorite blowjob video, cheers!

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