Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tristan meets Kristy

So.. Tuesday night me and my husband invited Tristan over for dinner and to meet Kristy for the first time after work.  The three of us had been talking about this night for quite some time and we were all really really excited. Did we build it up a little too much? Maybe, but it was still so fucking hot and steamy.  Yes there were a few awkward moments, but I didn't even really notice them.  Before I dive into the illicit details let me just mention that before Tuesday Tristan had never seen Kristy in person, Kristy had never sucked a cock or been fucked by a real cock, Tristan had never done anything with a man or cross-dresser before, and Tristan had never fucked me in anything other than my mouth before.  Oh yeah baby, story time!

So Tristan showed up around 6pm, I already had dinner started so we didn't have to wait too long to eat.  Mike wasn't dressed as Kristy yet, we had decided it would be more fun for him to do that later.  We sat around, witty banter ensued, ate some good food.. but I did notice the boys were a little anxious to get to the couch already and start "relaxing".

All we did was talk at first.  Mostly about sex, sexual positions, experiences, preferences, etc.  I kept making references to sucking Tristan's cock and how much I love his cum.  Tristan was really interested in finding out more about Kristy and did a very good job of talking about her like she actually is a completely separate person.  Mike was laying down on the love seat while I idly started touching Tristan's cock through his pants.  I got Tristan so horny he had to remove them actually.. and of course once out of his pants I couldn't help but wrap my lips around his cock and start sucking.  Every few seconds at first I paused to look up at Mike watching us and smile at him before going back to Tristan's cock until Tristan grabbed my head and started fucking my face nice and hard.  He fucked my face and expertly moved my hair out of the way to give Mike an amazing view of his cock sliding down my throat.  It was amazingly hot to get a good throat fucking while my husband watched and probably thought about how much he wanted to suck that same cock.  Tristan loved fucking my face while he watched too.. and gagged me nice and hard while cumming down my throat.  Really sexy to eagerly lick up every drop of his cum with my husband watching, I could feel the jealousy.

Don't worry, Tristan cumming in my mouth early was part of the plan.  After all, Kristy had to get ready and Tristan can cum multiple times in a row if needed... which is frankly astounding.  Soon after I swallowed a tasty load, we moved the conversation back to Kristy and I started telling Tristan all the sexy things I think about her.  (i will be referring to Kristy as "her")  I convinced Mike to prove to Tristan all the sexy things I had been saying about Kristy, so he went back to the bedroom to get changed and become Kristy.  Me and Tristan chatted while waiting for Kristy and I was able to keep the conversation on sex and excitement.

Then.. out walks Kristy.  Very shy, obviously nervous, and a complete knock-out.  Tristan was completely floored.  Watching Tristan's reaction to my Kristy.. oh yeah, he wanted her.  She was dressed in outwardly normal women's clothes.  Girly sweat pants, tight T-shirt that showed off her large rack, adorable beanie hat I bought for her over her long auburn hair, and cute girly socks.  Her makeup was very well done and she put nails with little blossoms on which made her hands look so delicate.  Me and Tristan agreed that even out in public no one would notice she was anything other than a slightly taller hot piece of female ass.  Tristan was so great, complimenting her non-stop and intently staring at her like a horny teenager.  He was absolutely amazed at how passable she is.

We all went outside to the patio, trying to calm Kristy down, ease some of her nerves.  I made Tristan take the seat next to her.  We complimented her makeup, hair, clothes, body, etc while I was sitting cross-legged on the ground in front of them both.  Watching them flirt, seeing her shyly respond to his attentions made my pussy absolutely drip.  Tristan started lightly stroking Kristy's leg, pulling up her pants and discovering the sexy black fishnets she had on under her pants.  Tristan started playing with them, touching her, making her squirm while I sat there rubbing her other leg and talking to them both about how sexy the two of them are together.

On the way back inside I admired Kristy's ass, but still shy she walked over to the love seat to sit alone again. Instead I asked her to show Tristan her ass.  Standing with her back to both of us I asked her to pull down her pants so Tristan could get a good look at her ass in an amazing pair of black lacy panties.  I am posting a picture because I cannot accurately describe how amazing and real she looked.

Then I made her come closer so Tristan could feel it.. watching his hands explore her ass for the first time.. magical.  He started squeezing, slapping, rubbing, basically mesmerized by the feel and look of Kristy's ass.  We felt Kristy up together, and I started asking her if she liked it, if she liked Tristan's hands on her ass.  Her voice got lower as she became more and more aroused.  She started breathlessly whimpering out her answers and Tristan's hands roamed her delicious body.  While continuing to ask naughty questions aimed at turning both of them on I started playing with Tristan's cock, first through his pants, then I just had to feel how hard Kristy made him.

I have noticed over the course of the week that Tristan is very rarely hard unless physically stimulated, which is actually a ton of fun if your favorite thing to do is giving blowjobs.  It's great to feel him harden in my mouth/hand.

Anyway, he was already hard with both his hands on her amazing ass, and it turned me on so much that I started sucking on his cock.  Gently of course, this was Kristy's show.. I mostly just wanted to feel with my mouth how hard she makes Tristan.  At this point Kristy had taken off her shirt so she was only wearing the fishnets, black lacy bra, and panties to match.  I paused every few moments to ask Kristy another titillating question before lowering my head back down to Tristan's hard cock.  I could tell that she loved what I was doing to him behind her back, she kept making soft whimpering sounds.

I couldn't take any more and the couple seemed like they were at an impasse, wanting more but not wanting the current sensations to end.  So I got up and took their arms to lead them into the bedroom.  Big soft bed I figured would be easier to maneuver in.  I had Kristy lay down on her stomach so me and Tristan could start slowly playing with her ass.  I loved running my hands up and down her legs while Tristan stroked his own cock and Kristy's ass.  I was laying on my back between them, my head between Kristy's ass and Tristan's cock.  I altered back and forth between rubbing my face all over Kristy's ass and then sucking Tristan's cock while my hands were busy teasing my own tits and playing with my pussy.

I squeezed Kristy's ass and told her to come help me after a while.  Nervous but noticeably excited, she snuggled up next to me up to Tristan's cock and I held it and she started to lick.  Almost like sign language we started taking turns on his hardening member.  I would suck his cock into my mouth, down my throat, running my tongue over his head, and pressing my head firmly down onto him; and then I would hold his cock out to Kristy to imitate me.  Watching her lipglossed mouth run down his hard shaft was amazing.  She so obviously enjoyed it.  The side profile of her face with a cock buried in it.. she truly became Kristy.  So feminine and slutty, no trace of Mike could be seen.  I wanted a taste so I began kissing her with Tristan's hard cockhead between our lips.  We shared his cock.  I flicked my tongue out to caress the inside of her mouth and the cock between us at the same time.  Feeling both of our lips pressed against his cock was probably the most fun I've ever had.. doing anything.

After a while I let Kristy suck her first cock solo and I got on my back and started touching myself while playing with Kristy's cock and simply watching her mouth and Tristan's face.  He loved it.  She started moaning from my attentions which was distracting her from the cock between her lips, making Tristan hold her head.

Watching this awoke an incredible urge to cum, so I asked Tristan if he would fuck my pussy for a little bit and as an excuse added that Kristy could lick my pussy juices off of him after he made me cum.  Always happy to oblige, the everlasting Tristan climbed on top of me to get me off and Kristy positioned her ass next to my face so we could both play with her while he fucked me.  I loved feeling my pussy clamp around his cock as he pounded me and played with Kristy's ass.  It felt so good, obviously turned Kristy on since she started playing with herself.  Watching both of them while being fucked made me cum so hard.  I started moaning and gasping as Tristan rocked me over the peak.

At this point Tristan was ready to cum about ten times and Kristy had that glazed look in her eyes that told me she couldn't possibly be more turned on.  Tristan grabbed her head and she eagerly sucked up and cleaned off his cock and I promptly brought her head to me to taste myself on her lips.  I grabbed the lube and offered to prepare her tight little ass for him, of course he agreed.  He watched intently as I pulled her panties down around her thighs, rubbed oil all over her opening, lightly stroking my finger inside her to make sure she was slick and ready.  I brought Tristan's hand to her ass to help me work in the lube and feel her up.  Then I rubbed oil onto my hand and ran my hand up and down Tristan's cock, oiling him like a piston.

It was an incredible feeling to guide Tristan's cock into her waiting hole and feel his slick head push into her.  I was laying next to them and I got to watch Kristy take her first real cock in her ass.  Both of them were moaning.. and her ass felt so good around Tristan's cock he started to fuck her harder and harder.  I was touching myself and watching her take her first load of cum was so hot that I started cumming.  Tristan's eyes kept going back and forth between Kristy's ass and me playing with myself.  I guess the feel of her ass, the view, and the sound of me moaning out my orgasms over and over was more than he could take. His body jerked as he rammed into Kristy filling her tight hole with cum.

Being such a swell guy, and obviously considerate, Tristan then bent Kristy over to continue fucking her while I sucked Kristy's cock.  She was so hard and Tristan kept reaching around her to play with my tits and feel me suck her cock.  It was so much fun and so hot.. but I felt kind of bad for Tristan, so I offered to fuck Kristy.. put on my strap-on, and go to town on her ass with Tristan watching.  Of course they agreed!

So while Kristy stroked herself I got out my cock, strapped it on, and told Kristy to bend over the bed in front of me.  Her little ass was still dripping with lube and cum had started to run out of her.  Using a small amount of oil, I lubed up my own cock and forced it into her.  She moaned out as I rammed into her nice and hard, counting on Tristan's cum to ensure she was completely lubed up.  As I started fucking her, hard but slow, I watched as my cock pushing into her made Tristan's cum ooze out of her around my cock.  I held her hips firmly and began fucking her harder and faster as Tristan watched transfixed.  I reminded her that she had just taken her first load of cum as I pounded against her ass.  I started cumming while fucking her at the same time she clamped down and started squirting her intense orgasm all over the bed.  Tristan likes watching cum as much as I do.. so we were both more than satisfied.

The whole  night was so much fun.. after Tristan left for the night Mike was still so turned on that he fucked me silly while we reminisced about his first load of cum together.  So all three of us got off multiple times.. and while sore the next day, it was an extremely sexy kind of sore.

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