Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend Recap

Too many things are happening in my sex life for me to post every encounter now.  Besides the fact that the "sexting", texting, flirting, etc really never stops.. well it just never stops.  Great for my pussy.. bad for my blog.  Especially with Tristan poking me to post everyday!  So here is the Recap!

Tristan came over to fuck my face before being busy all weekend.  Admittidly, my husband's cock recieved a much needed rest.  However, I missed sucking Tristan's cock.  Was going to do a quick breakdown describing the differences in their cocks and why I like sucking them both.. but I think that will have to be saved for a separate post.

He fucked my throat in bed while I played with my dripping wet pussy at the same time.  Delicious as always, pretty sure I swallowed every drop.  I love the way he holds my head while pounding into my face.

I promised Kristy (my CD husband) a date night so I made her dinner and treated her as much as I could like a princess.  And a dirty little whore of course.  She wore her new fishnet stockings, amazing black lace panties with a bra to match, and she even did her nails for me.

Originally the plan was to make her suck my cock and fuck her a few times before letting her cum.. but we kind of got carried away.  First I simply couldn't stop fondling her ass.  It feels simply amazing, soft and smooth, and so squishy yet firm.  I was taking pictures to send to Tristan while touching her.  I was also talking to her, asking her what she liked and what cocks she wanted.  I made her stand in front of me while I played with her.. then I started rubbing my face over her delicious cheeks.  I loved the feeling of pressing my face into her ass.. I started biting and slapping it.  She moaned and spread her legs a bit for me.  I was pressing my face into her ass, feeling the lace and soft skin against my face.  I was so horny and out of it, I began licking her, one cheek at a time, planting soft kisses wherever I could find exposed skin then smacking it with my palm so it turned an amazing rosy red.  Breathing heavily into every sensitive spot.  I couldn't take it anymore so I pulled her panties down to her thighs to hold her legs there and I started licking her hot little hole and eagerly eating her out.  She kept pushing her ass back into me.

So then I stood up and lubed up her hole and my cock.
I started fucking that tight sexy little hole while slapping her ass and holding her tits.  I lost all control and started fucking her so hard she was screaming.  Grabbed her hips and forced myself into her hard and fast.  We both came so hard we fell backwards together onto our ottoman.. don't worry, no injury and I was able to catch her just fine, though abruptly sitting down onto my cock made her whimper so sweetly while cumming.

The amazing discovery of the night was that I found out that I can actually orgasm with no clitoral stimulation or vaginal penetration.  I literally fucked her ass so hard that the weight of her ass slapping into my abdomen actually hit my G-spot and triggered a hugely intense orgasm.. immaculate really.

Relaxing doggie-style-side-bed sex with a cock ring on while talking dirty to each other about Tristan and how hot this week is going to be.

Tristan was busy all weekend but of course came right over as soon as he could today to fuck my pretty little mouth.  He must have been saving some up for me because I could hardly swallow his entire load.

Him and Kristy flirted so much while I was gone that Kristy was able to get herself off onto her own face with a dildo up her ass.. and then when I got home Mike absolutely had to fuck my face.  It was a great face fucking, I was really able to relax my throat and let him pound on me.

Nothing too extravagant, we all have big plans for tomorrow evening.. technically tonight now.

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