Saturday, July 9, 2011

His first taste

This is a fictional story with made up names and situations, I write to fully explore my own fantasies.

He came over to get high and celebrate with us, me and my husband.  He was young, strong, strawberry blonde hair with big full lips and light hazel eyes.  New to the sexual world but knowing that my husband wanted him to attempt to get me to suck his cock, he was slightly nervous when he arrived.  I greeted him and pretended I didn't know why he was here.  He was just full of smiles for me.  I got the feeling that even though he was new to sex he was a fellow sexual deviant at heart, so my nagging conscience over his young age was appeased.  He made himself comfortable on our couch while I passed around the bong loaded with a fresh bowl.
"Are you excited, Chris?" I ask, while looking at him questioningly with big innocent eyes.  He's caught off-guard for just a moment with a surprised look on his face before I added, "about your birthday?"
He smiled and finally managed, "Ye-Yes it's going to be great."
I smiled and sat next to him while we passed the bong back and forth, getting absolutely trashed.  I could tell that he was high and horny, the way he was sitting and kept glancing at me so I started to appear too high to properly function.  My eyes were glazed, my shoulders slouched, I started constantly licking my lips and glancing at my husband's cock while lightly rubbing my own thigh.  It was a sign for my husband to leave to get some food.
"Looks like I'm the only one sober enough to be out of the house at the moment," he said with an ironic inflection, "you two enjoy yourselves, i'll be back in a bit."
All of the sudden he was gone and I was alone with a young horny guy itching to get his cock sucked.
"Son of a Bitch," I mumbled, "he knows I hate it when he leaves me alone when im this high."  I was still rubbing myself along my inner thigh, my hand had his complete attention.
"Why don't you like to be alone?" he asked with a sarcastic little smile on his face as he pulled his eyes off my hand.
With my eyes still glazed I threw my head back like I didn't even have the energy to hold it up as I sigh out, "He knows how much I need his cock when I'm high, I get too horny to not cum."
I heard him suck in his breath while my eyes are closed, my hand was starting to rub myself more obviously.
"If you want, " he whispered all of the sudden, "you can tell me about how much you like it, I don't mind if you have to touch yourself."
I quickly looked at him with the expression on my face that said "because I'm so out of it and horny that is an amazingly clever idea" and smile while I started to rub my pussy through my short shorts.
As I touched myself I couldn't help moaning and lightly panting, especially with Chris's big eyes glued to me like that.  He started rubbing himself through his pants while watching and listening to me.
"I just get so horny," I explain,"it's not just John's cock, when I get this high and horny I can't help but want any and every cock in my mouth."  I was licking my lips and staring at Chriss roaming hand while saying all this, getting myself more worked up.  "I really just need to suck cock... " my hand slipped under my panties to play with my dripping wet pussy.  "I'd give anything to have a nice hard cock fucking my face right now, " I finally state as I close my eyes, lean back my head, and moan with my mouth open, my tongue flicking across my lips.
I heard him move, and I feel like electricity, it felt so good.  Rubbing my pussy, while Chris watches and rubs himself and I describe how much I want to suck his cock.  All of the sudden I hear him whisper from somewhere close, just over my head, "i want to fuck your face.. i can help you if you want" he sounded nervous and extremely turned on.
I opened my eyes and looked him in the eye.  While still rubbing my wet little pussy, back arched, head up, mouth open and begging, I look at him with glazed eyes and moan out, "Yes please.. I need it.. please fuck my face"
Suddenly his hands are grabbing my hair as he brought my mouth to his hard cock right above my face.  He had gotten up to stand right above me, he moaned loudly as my lips closed around his hard cock and I sucked him down into my throat.  It made him grab my head even tighter as he pushed himself down my throat firmly, the head of his hard cock rubbing the back of my throat.  My own fingers start moving furiously as I moan as loud as I can around his cock and he started thrusting harder and deeper into my waiting and eager mouth.  Over and over he pumped his hard shaft into my mouth, "Shiiit yeeees" he moaned a few times.
I could feel his cock harden in my mouth as he was about to cum so I grabbed his ass and pulled his body into my face as hard as I could, shoving his entire length as deep down my throat as I could get it.  He immediately started to cum hard, his hands were like a vice grip on my head causing me to start cumming hard and fast all over my hand as the tremors of his orgasm started to subside.  With a sigh he withdrew from my mouth, he looked nervous.
I smiled up at him, winked, wiped my puffy lips with my hand to catch any stray drops of cum, and simply said, "Thank you, that was wonderful". He looked relieved and happy, but the nervousness was still there.  Of course I realized that he was nervous about my husband and what would happen now.  So to ease his nerves I started talking to him simply about sex, asking questions, and learning about his experiences so far and what he wanted to try.
As it turned out, I finally got it out of him that it not only turned him on to get his cock sucked, but he also liked that my husband knew about it.  Eventually I found out that Chris was more than a little bi-curious and he and my husband had been trading sexy texts (that I sent my husband) back in forth sharing.  Chris admitted that the sharing with my husband turned him on since he liked thinking about my husband's hard cock.  With subtle questions I gauge his reaction to certain situations and decide on a plan of action to bring it out.  First I kept Chris's bowl full so that he stayed nice and high.
Then I started talking about all the different things I loved about my husband.  His big full lips, hard cock, his amazing ass.. until Chris started getting hard again.  Then I ask him, "wouldn't you just love to see his big lips covered with lipstick and wrapped around your cock?"  "Yeah.. that'd be awesome," Chris sighed out before realizing that he just admitted to wanting a man to suck his cock.  "I mean.. uh, I didn't mean.." He started to stammer out before I interrupted him, "I think it would be hot to see him sucking your cock like I just did, he's always wanted to learn and I've always wanted to teach him."  Chris shut up about objecting but was blushing furiously when at that moment my husband got back.
"You two have a good time?" he asked archly.
Chris looks away still blushing and trying to hide his hardon when I stretch, moan, and respond, "a very good time love, Chris here just finished up fucking my face a while ago, his cum is delicious.. and maybe if you're a good boy he will let you taste it."  Both Chris and my husband, John looked simply stunned at what I had put out there.  Neither objecting and both were too embarrassed to speak up.  So instead I start talking about sex.  The ways I like it, the ways I didn't, the way a cock feels in my mouth, my thoughts on how people shouldn't care what feels good as long as it does.. the usual stuff.  They started to relax, I kept passing the bong around as they got comfortable.  Finally everyone started to talk about their secret desires and started touching themselves casually while talking.  Both men got so turned on talking and touching themselves that they took out their cocks to stroke them and show them off to each other.  I got too horny and finally broke down, by getting on my knees in front of Chris, licking his cock up and down while looking up at him and asking, "Chris.. I'd really like to show John how to suck a cock using yours as the test subject, is that ok?" He was so turned on by the thought he couldn't say a word, simply nodded.  So while on my knees I reached over to tug on my husband's pant leg, motioning him to come join me in front of Chris.  As my husband was getting settled on the floor next to me I took Chris's balls into my mouth to gently suckle them before asking him to sit forward a little.
We started slowly, I told my husband to just start by licking the shaft from base to tip and playing with the head with his tongue.  He obeyed so well, and Chris started moaning.  I started playing with my pussy while John explored his very first cock with his mouth.  Every once in a while I'd lick the cock with John, show him a new technique for him to imitate.  I could tell Chris was loving it.  I made Chris explain to John the differences in what I did versus him and pretty soon Chris's cock was sliding smoothly between my husband's puffy lips.
While my husband was starting to suck harder and more confidently, I moved to sit next to Chris on the couch.  He put one of his hands on my leg and I gently fondled his balls under my husband's chin while whispering in Chris's ear, "Is he getting better?..Good..What if you could see him with lipstick on, would that make you hot baby? would?.." as Chris gasped out that he would love to see my husband wearing lipstick my husband moaned and started sucking more energetically.
Seeing that I, of course, brought him some lipstick, which I expertly put on while Chris stroked himself.  With my husband's lips wrapped back around Chris's cock they both started moaning really loudly.  I took my shirt off to give Chris access to my tits, I wanted to give him something to suck while my husband was working on cock.  On my knees next to Chris, a nipple in his soft mouth, I could feel his tongue teasing me.  One of my hands was on my husband's head while it moved up and down on Chris while the other hand was on Chris head as he teased my nipples.  I could feel both men moaning as I directed their head movements.
"Use your hand to stroke his cock, keep your hand against your lips as you move up and down, tighten your grip on the downward movements" I instruct my husband.  As he complied Chris immediately sat up, gripping John's head and started to fuck his face hard and fast as he started cumming down my husband's throat.  Seeing John eagerly lick up and swallow all of Chris's cum turned me on so much that I felt like I had to start sucking cock.  So while Chris cooled down from his intense blowjob I eagerly sucked my husband's cock down my throat and started sucking in earnest.  Watching Chris lightly stroke his recovering cock complete with lipstick markings and a happy look on his face made my husband start fucking my face as hard as he could.  Practically screaming around his cock in ecstasy, he finally started cumming deep down my throat, when I looked up and saw that Chris was sucking and nibbling on one of my husband's nipples.  As we all calm down we decided to have dinner together, continue the awesome conversation and smoke some more weed.
I knew that it wasn't over the moment I saw Chris get a glimpse of my husband's tight little ass peeking out of his panties as he stood up to pull up his pants.  After sharing Chris's cock with my husband I was more than happy to see things continue....

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