Friday, July 8, 2011

Intro Post

Me and my husband recently discovered something amazing about ourselves.. we are sexual freaks.  After much discussion and heart felt fantasizing we decided to start including others in our sex life, at least in theory.  No longer a theory, we now are in a completely happy, open relationship.  How does this work?  Easily as it turns out.  Do you know what it is like to be so completely open with someone and loved by that person that you can really tell them any thought in your head and you'd be accepted and loved for it?  When our dam walls burst a whole plethora of emotions and desires came flooding out.  I admitted to wanting to see him dressed as a woman and pleasured by other men and women.  He told me how turned on he got thinking about me sucking off other men.  He also like's dressing up as a woman and is newly bisexual.  We are so honest with each other that walking into a party now we can freely discuss what we would want to do with any of the people around us.  Because we are so open and honest I know that if he wanted to fuck someone, he would tell me, then he would, and then he would come home to me.. it is very hot to me to suck on his cock when I know it has been buried in another woman.  There is no worry that he would cheat or stray.  Emotionally, heart, mind, and soul he is all mine forever, as I am all his.  Our bodies are enjoyed by other people and we enjoy other people's bodies.  The difference is obvious in our relationship, and only because we are both the right personality type could this even hope to work in the first place.

Pictures may be posted in the future, but for now all anyone needs to know is we are both in our late 20s and healthy.

I decided to start blogging our sexual adventures to keep an erotic record, share my experiences, and maybe meet people who have gone through the same.  It is also unbelievably hot to think of turning other's on with my words.

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