Friday, July 8, 2011

The discovery of CL

Yes I always knew it existed, but I had never considered going to craigslist for an erotic fix before... until today.  I had no idea how easy it is to find people to play with using CL.  I decided to try, I figured worst comes to worst i would obviously get bot replies.

So I created my first sex ad on craigslist, looking for a man for the weekend that me and my husband can play with.  Not only did we want a cock to play with, but my husband wanted to play while dressed up, perhaps even suck his very first cock.  So I made a typical post and included a picture of his ass in a pair of panties (most amazing ass shot ever) as well as a promise of a blowjob from at least me(my blowjobs are simply amazing, no lie).  I was immediately flooded with responses, and they weren't even bots.  So we browsed through the choices, selected a lucky man and now that man is coming over on Sunday to relax with us, drink with us, and have fun with us.  I can't express how excited I am to watch my man with another man.
The man we picked to come over is experienced with couples but has never been with a male CD before (crossdresser), which he is completely excited for.  Sounds perfect anyway, bisexual, loves pussy, but has an infatuation with cock..

The amazing success of this first ad gave me courage to answer one for myself.
The ad simply said early 30s looking for a FWB (friends with benefits) to hook up with during the day.. best part, the guy lives right down the street from me.  So I emailed him, told him how much I love sucking cock... after trading pictures he came over a short 2 hours later.
He was here for about 10 minutes, I sucked his cock, swallowed his load, and then told my husband all about it.

When my husband got home from work I gave him all my emails, texts, and the story I wrote him.  He couldn't help but moan while reading them all.. of course I was on my knees in front of him playing with my dripping wet pussy while he read everything.  He fucked me doggie style in the same position I sucked cock a short few hours before he got home.

I'm so horny all the time now.

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