Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Enter Tristan

A coworker of my husband Michael, Tristan has been hearing about my amazing blowjobs for probably the past month.  Younger than us by a little, he's very cute, very horny, and I always got that "freak vibe" from him (the good kind).

I didn't know it at first, but Mike was forwarding some of my more graphic texts to Tristan every chance he got.  When I found out about the texts I started sending my husband dirtier and dirtier texts.. in hopes they'd be passed on.  Yep, that's how much I enjoy turning men on.

Anyway, my husband finally told Tristan yesterday that I would love to suck his cock among other things.  Apparently the two guys talk about sex all the time.  So me and Tristan started texting and I let him know that, yes, I do really want to suck his cock.  I was really excited.   We flirted through text messages and I talked about sex while my husband talked with him about sex during work.  I finally convinced him to come over last night while my husband was playing poker with the guys.

It was so much fun.. he was really nervous.  He hadn't had much sexual experience before, but he's very willing and eager to learn from and with us.  We talked about sex while ignoring a movie before we started to watch porn together.  Mostly my own homemade porn, with some anal and blowjobs thrown in.  He was so turned on he couldn't help but touch himself through his pants.  Finally he asked me if I wanted to get started, I said yes and started rubbing his leg while he pulled down his pants.  We were sitting next to each other on the couch while I stroked his cock.  He is circumcised, which I love seeing how my husband is not.  I couldn't help but bend over and wrap my lips around his cock.  I licked it a couple times before sucking the whole thing down my throat.  He tastes delicious.

Knowing how nervous he was and that he had never fucked a girl's face before, I was completely surprised when he grabbed my head and started pumping his cock down my throat.  It felt so good, his cock hit the back of my throat every time he forced my head down onto his cock which always makes my pussy clamp down.  Did I mention he was recording it? Oh yes.. it was hot.. him recording me sucking his cock.

After Tristan left and Mike came home we watched the video together while Mike fucked my face.. that's right, two big loads of cum down my throat within an hour of each other.  The thought of me and Tristan turned my husband on so much that he actually got off a second time after that.. which is very unusual for him.

If that was all this would be a much shorter post.. here it goes.. the whirlwind since then:
First, I woke up this morning with Tristan naked in my bed.  My husband went to work, left me sleeping, and convinced him to come over, let himself in, and get another blowjob.  Which was again amazing.. more so because he was squeezing my tits even while fucking my face.  That wasn't the first visit I got during the work day though.
During lunch my husband decided to come home with Tristan so they could both enjoy me together.  First I sucked my husband's cock while Tristan watched, then I got to put Tristan's cock in my mouth again while my husband watched.  It was incredible, having two cocks hard for me.  The best feeling though was when I was on all fours in front of Tristan, my husband got behind me and started fucking my pussy while my mouth fucked Tristan's cock.  Every time my husband thrust into me my face was impaled with Tristan's cock.  Every time I felt Tristan hit the back of my throat my pussy clamped down on my husband's cock.  I couldn't help moaning around the cock in my mouth.  With my husband fucking my dripping wet pussy, causing my head to bob up and down, it was almost like he was fucking Tristan with my face.  And of course Tristan started fucking my face at the same time by grabbing my hair and holding my head on his cock.  Feeling Tristan start cumming down my throat was the best, I tried to pull back but he held my head down on his cock while he pumped my mouth full of cum for the second time today.. third time within 24 hours.

We plan to make it a regular thing.  Tristan is excited, I am excited, and Mike is excited.  Tristan also likes the idea of my husband dressing up to become Kristy.. which is great.  They are both alike in that while the thought of being romantic with another man pretty much grosses them out, they both are incredibly turned on by cock and sensations.  Tristan is also the person I had in mind while writing the story on here.

Tomorrow me and Tristan have a surprise planned for my husband, it's gonna be fun, and hot.

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