Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting ready for tonight with dress-up time

Me and my husband are so excited for tonight that yesterday we went out and bought him a new wig.  Wig selection I've discovered can be tricky, to get one that is the right color, length, cut.. exhausting.  Luckily we found a cheap one we loved at a local costume shop.

He looks so amazingly hot dressed as my girl I couldn't help dressing him up earlier today and taking some pics.  That of course led to another blowjob video, it looks like I'm sucking the gorgeous cock of a gorgeous chick with a dick.  When we watched the video and looked at the pictures together he got so turned on that he begged me to send one to the man coming over tonight and also to post one here.  Love it.

This will be the first time we've brought another man into our relationship to enjoy together.. I have to admit the thought of another man hitting on my husband while he's dressed up, touching him, kissing him, staring at him.. really get's me wet.  I think playing our homemade videos quietly on the big screen while the three of us drink a little to get relaxed and know each other will be a really great icebreaker. :)

I will definitely post about what happens tonight.. until then, so much to do and suck.

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