Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun but not quite Fantastic

Although fun, I have to say that bringing in a stranger for a one night stand can lead to awkward feelings without alcoholic help.

First, the guy showed up late.. not a fan.  We were both already so nervous that the wait really hurt more than helped.  He decided that he wanted my husband, Michael, to get dressed up after he got here, so not only did my husband have to sit here nervous, but he also had to go and get dressed while I sucked the cock of this strange guy in the living room.  The guy who showed up was also drunk off his ass.

Don't get me wrong, it was still fun and a very interesting experience..but I think it may be better in the future to either skip the intro and get down to the dirty sex right away or to do it with someone we know.  First I sucked this guy's cock while my husband got dressed up in the bathroom.   It was a pretty nice cock.. honestly I was a little drunk and don't remember it too well.  But then my husband came out all dressed up.  Touching ensued, he grabbed my husband's ass and felt him up while I sucked his cock.  The guy was so drunk that it took him way too long to cum.  When he did it was unimpressive.  My husband got off watching me suck his cock.  I didn't get off.. just wasn't feeling the guy, too ... ugh.

Ok, actually it has taken me so long to post because it really wasn't all that entertaining.  I mean, it was an experience.. and me and my husband had some really hot sex after the guy left.. but in the end I think if we try to bring in a stranger from CL again we're going to have to approach it much differently.

Besides, I'm pretty sure we are getting someone else to entertain us with.  Yes, i backdated this post, so what? only by two days.. and it's been so long because in the last 24 hours I have given a total of 6 blowjobs, all amazing, and I'm too excited to post about THAT.

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