Friday, August 12, 2011

To Shave or Not To Shave? What I prefer when going down.

First, let me just say that this entire post was inspired by a Dude Society poll - Chick Poll:Manscaping.  Now as shown in this poll apparently most women voted to leave some hair but trim it down.  They didn't really specify location or length though did they?  I mean, all hair growth is different and a style that works on one guy definitely doesn't work on all.

Now let me just state that my overall preference on any man is probably bare shaven.  Of course, ingrown hairs are unattractive so this assumes the guy in question has been doing it long enough to become accustomed to it.  I figured men might want to know, specifically, the problems with hair down there from a girl who goes down a lot.

Small cock? Shave it all.. it will look bigger.

Now here are some general rules I tell my guys about:
1)  Hair Smells.
That's right, hair retains smell and dirt like nothing else.  Even one day of sweat can stink up a body area if you have lots of hair there.  If you want someone sticking their face down there you'll have a lot less to worry about if you're shaven (that goes for women too).  I have a stupid sensitive nose and yeah, it can bother me.  And guys, please make sure to take a shower after shaving, loose, recently cut, hair that gets in my mouth will turn me off.
2)  Hair is in no way Fair.
Unfortunately, the hair type that is the easiest to keep unshaven is also one of the only hair/body types to look most natural once shaven.  Sparse, light-colored, or just thin hair doesn't really retain smell or bother the senses as much as the thicker brillo bushes.  So guys with pubicLite can go without maintenance.  It also looks weird for a yeti to have that one bald spot in the middle of his forest.  Not really any help for it.
3)  The Pole is Important.
Seriously, shave your cock.  That is the one area that, I don't care if you like hairy guys, if you like sucking cock you don't want to feel those stray hairs in your mouth while gliding up and down the shaft.  Always try to keep this area bare.  Some guys have naturally hairless cocks, so you guys shut up and just trust me when I tell you that not all men do.
4)  If not Bare than Buzz.
Don't want to shave your cock and bikini area bare? Have a fear of razors? That's FINE.  At least take a beard trimmer and shave it down short though.  It will cut down on aroma.  Not too short, stubble doesn't really feel that great when riding, humping, sucking, etc.  I'd say about 1/4 of an inch though.  Of course this length will change, and all men should experiment.  Basically your goal is to shorten as much as you can before the hair starts feeling really rough on the skin.  You can always combine, shave your balls and cock then buzz the rest, it will give it a more natural flow into your upper leg hair if you have any.
5)  Feel free to go front to back.
I just have to include this.  If you like having your ass played with AT ALL, please, please shave it.  No, I don't mean the cheeks, I mean get down there in your ass crack and get rid of those hairs.  Shave your hole.  Do your taint too while you're at it.  As I've stated many times, hair retains smell BADLY.  And sir, that area's stink wont come off without a good bleaching.
6)  If you want your balls sucked, shave them.
No explanation needed, right?

Easy and simple rules that some guys may not be aware of.  Also, if you need shaving tricks the Dude Society also has one on Manscaping Downtown!

Thank you, have a great Friday!


  1. When you're right, you're right!

    I'm with ya!

  2. A great post - all men (and some women!) should read it! Makes me feel even more inclined to get the razor out - love that smooth feel; no complaints yet!