Monday, August 1, 2011

Dear Mom & Dad,

     I know this blog might surprise you, maybe.  It probably shouldn't though.  You both brought me up extremely open-minded.  I can't even count all the times I've walked in on you two having sex over the years.  You are the ones who introduced me to the concept of public sex and doggie style.  If you think I'm going to be ashamed about my sexual exploits and activities I think you'll be sadly disappointed.  The only reason I'd ever be sorry for any of this is if somehow my grandparents (more specifically, your parents, dad) discovered this blog and died of a heart attack from it.  You should be proud of me, I think.
     Don't worry guys, I'm being safe and I have yet to get any STDs.  I'm not saying I'm going to get an STD in the future, but let's face it, even monogamous couples have a fairly high chance of contracting something at some point.  If I do get something I'm sure I'll blog about it, though.
     Do I care if my face gets plastered all over the internet sucking cock? Not really, I'm proud of my abilities and found out a while ago that Mike uploaded just such a video to a site that can't ever take it down without letting me know.  I forgave him because it turned me on.  I am remaining anonymous to the public due to stalker potential, but I don't care if anyone I personally know stumbles upon it.  If an employer finds out, well, you know my career path and you know that in my line of work and the companies I aim at working for it might just help more than hurt.  If such videos would hurt my career I would want to switch career fields anyway.  If I have kids someday that find these things out about me, well chances are we would have had the talk already and they'd know a good portion of all this beforehand.  I would hope I could raise my children to be open-minded as you did for me.
     I know this all may be somewhat shocking, but I'm confident that once you both sit down and logically think this through you'll realize that yes, I am an adult, and I am taking full responsibility for my actions and have thoroughly thought this through.  Since I'm pretty sure at some point there was a bit of infidelity on mom's side of the fence a great while ago maybe you'll be jealous that I'm so open in my relationship.
     A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.. a woman's gotta do what turns her on.

Love you both, and remember, you'll still probably get grand children, I'm not a complete lesbian.  Only about 25%.


A baby erotic massage? Check the source that shit is hilarious!


  1. I love those baby instruction manuals. Well done.

  2. This is my new favorite blog. Seriously.